Trace Dykes' Journey

Trace Dykes' Journey

June 2017 RV Adventure

Last Day of School - 6/2/17

Mom had an event that night, so she wouldn't see me again before we left for 3 weeks!

On the Road - 6/3/17

I couldn't sleep that first day because everything rattled so much in the RV due to the bad roads.

Day 1

Elvis...enough said.


Texas on day 2 - 6/4/17

Grapevine, TX

Visited Grandma Ginny at Silverado Memory Care.

Random Thoughts

Only one soda a day!

Somewhere, Arizona.  Snow in Arizona?  In June?  Is the mountain really that high?  

Tuba City, Arizona. So, apparently Mimi followed me here.  

Rain followed us to's literally raining in a desert.   This only happens when Grandan is driving - ha!   

When I heard petrified forest I didn't picture a desert with rock logs and beautiful hills, but I'm not complaining.  

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. All I can say is that it is named appropriately

Parowan trail-Cedar city, Utah

I didn't know you could find ancient Indian rubbings and dinosaur footprints on rocks in Utah, but apparently you can.


Park City

Can't Fix Stupid

Salt Lake City

Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast performance


Somewhere in Montana

Montana is very pretty when it's storming

Polson, Montana

I didn't know rivers could be the same color as the ocean

Riding Debbie's 4-wheeler in Poulson, Montana

All America Museum - Polson, Montana

Gotta love a museum of pure randomness!

Yellowstone National Park

Wyoming - Montana...Ther are no words for Yellowstone.

Snowballs in June!

Sturgis, South Dakota

I really liked the trading post